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Who to Contact about Funding Your Wheelchair

wheelchairThe person you work with to get funding for your wheelchair will depend on your funding source. For example, if your health coverage is from an insurance company, you might be dealing directly with an adjuster. Your contact person may not have much power to make independent decisions. Her job will be to apply the company/agency policies to each case, to follow the rules. She will probably have quite a load of cases, so it will be literally impossible for her to learn much about you, to remember the details of your case, or to take time to do much research into your needs. Her training is focused on the taught some things about medical equipment, she probably will not be well versed in the details of wheelchair selection.

Not everyone will fit this model, but you will want to get to know your contact person, and do your best to understand her background. You don’t want to make an enemy of this person, if you can help it. She has a lot of influence over your life. At the same time, she might represent an obstacle to getting what you need, and it may be necessary to speak to a supervisor in order to make sure all possibilities have been explored.

It is increasingly common for insurance companies and funding agencies to assign your file to a case manager. The case manager should be your advocate, putting your medical interests first above all. He may or may not be a nurse, or otherwise medically experienced. Your case manager will talk with doctors and therapists, confirm the policies and limits of your coverage, shop for the best prices (which is part of what makes case managers appealing to the insurer), and even contact social workers to seek out additional sources of funding or equipment if the policy does not cover you.

Sometimes case managers are on staff, or the insurer might have a contract with an outside provider of these services. If there is not a case manager assigned to you, ask for one. You do not have a legal right to a case manager, but it’s likely your request will be granted, especially if you are pleasantly persistent. If possible, try to get a case manager with specific background in rehabilitation equipment and your specific disability.

How To Improve Your Fitness


Fitness (noun) – The condition of being physically fit and healthy. When I say the word fitness, isn’t that normally the definition that comes to mind? In today’s society we are absolutely obsessed with being physically fit. Yet, we expect it to happen just like magic. I’m here to tell you that that isn’t how it is In order to be physically fit, or to be at your full fitness capacity, you need to work for it; changing your diet and sitting around watching models on a television isn’t going to make you healthy, but at the same time, you don’t need to overwork yourself to death or become addicted to improving your fitness.

Getting Started: First off, we need to talk about the diet thing. We’ve all done it before, and we know that we’ve thought about doing it again. You know what I’m talking about, that’s right: the strictly bland cardboard diet. Everyone hates those things but do it anyway because of the promise of being able to improve in their physical fitness; but what if I told you that you didn’t have to give up everything? Now this isn’t one of those weird things where I sell you food that seems to just drag you further down the hill, nor is this where I put a halt on you pigging out every once in a while. You see, our bodies need food to survive. It’s our fuel. And food is also a tool we can bend to our will By cutting out only a small portion of what you already eat and adding more acidic foods or drinks, then it’ll give you that boost you need and still be able to have a full tummy!

Here Comes The Bad News: Okay, so I probably just gave you the best news yet, but being able to still eat comes with some strings. Fitness isn’t your friend with benefits honey. So, not only do you have to make slight dietary changes, but you also have to try and make time to get in a bit of…[gulp]…exercise. Don’t worry though, you don’t have to dedicate every spare minute you have to working out in the gym and being forced to inhale the smells of sweaty men and women alike. It’s actually quite simple and it’s what I do when everyone else has gone to bed. Just hang out in the bathroom before you go to sleep and do some regular warm-ups, and you can even use towel bars to help steady yourself. Another thing I’ve found effective is taking at least fifteen minutes to go outside and walk, the good thing about that is that you get to soak up sun, get exercise, and get some pictures for Instagram! It’s a win-win situation!

This Is Only The Beginning: Sadly, these simple little beginner tricks aren’t going to get your fitness to be absolutely perfect; but it’s a start. I want you to know that sometimes you don’t even have to improve on your fitness, you may already be more than there. Remember at the beginning of this article when I gave you the definition and asked you if that’s what usually would come to your mind? Well, I had a reason behind that there is technically three definitions of the word fitness, and one of them is just a shorter version of the first. Here’s the definition I’m more speaking about: The quality of being suitable to fulfill a particular role or task. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t try, but I am saying that if you don’t think you won’t be able to do it, and yet you can still apply to the above definition, then don’t beat yourself up over it and think that you’re required to be the perfect definition of fitness. Because trust me, no one can truly ever become that perfect definition. I know, because I’ve tried.

My Wheelchair, My Best friend


The first step of a child takes every parent’s breath away. The ability to walk is one of the greatest gifts bestowed on a person, although more often than not, unrealized and ignored till the moment, it is lost. Ask a person who cannot go to the kitchen to have a glass of water how does it feel, a person who cannot roam around the streets how does it feel, a person who constantly requires somebody’s assistance how does it feel to have no sense of freedom and independence. Wheelchair is a device to make life easier for the disabled. It has been a success in returning some of an individual’s worth. However, not every type of wheelchair is suitable for every kind of person in every kind of environment for every kind of purpose.

The selection of the appropriate wheelchair should be made after a thorough analysis. There exists a wide variety of options to choose from each possessing it’s own benefits and disadvantages, chairs such as basic, narrow, standard, lightweight, extra wide wheelchair, antimicrobial chair, bariatic, folding and heavy duty transport chair which may be manual, self propelled or power assisted.

However, this article does not does not analyze the wide variety available to customers but rather focuses on what factors should be focused on while purchasing one every individual in his everyday life has to mandatorily perform basic actions viz., getting in and out of the chair, maneuvering through the home or streets and getting ready. The extent of disability and age are other two important factors combined with the fact that every person has a different endurance level. The wheelchair and the person using are dependent co variants and one cannot function without affirmative co ordination of the other. One important question every user should propel upon is the mobility factor.

The chair must be suited to the nature and type of environment the user has to commute in If the user stays in peaceful premises with not too much of traffic and hustle-bustle, the type of chair will differ from a situation where the lone user has to commute through crowded paths. The height and width of the chair should be in accordance with the user’ s built and his place of residence and work. Also, things will become easier if the chair is lightweight and the user will not have to put in strenuous efforts thereby alleviating the future possible heath complications from long term use A wheelchair like a best friend must aid the user.

With the increase in a user’s financial status, the wheelchair may be modified for better facilities. Some users do not mind spending to add to the aesthetic beauty. The chair should be reliable and provide flexibility options to the user depending upon the situation such as while commuting on a road, while climbing a bus or while carrying out the basic essentials at home. The battery life of the chair, it’s velocity, comfortable seating adjustment and tyre quality should be analysed.

However it is an undisputed fact that no amount of text can be as reliable or valuable as somebody’s personal experience. The user should take advice from his clinic, wheelchair company and other disabled users to understand the practical aspects. Purchasing the suitable wheelchair best suited for one can become a daunting task, however, with clear specifications and requirements in mind, it can become one’s best aide. With adequate maintenance and a little care, the Wheelchair can become a best friend for life guiding through and exploring a person’s self believed limitations.